Professionists & Technology

Under the leadership of professional with thirty years experience, our team uses techniques and technologies for study, web census and tree care cutting edge.

Pruning & zero emission

Best pruning based on the most elevated standard without carbon dioxide production. One intervention of SuPerAlberi mean more than ten trees saved!

Your tree, your film.

Una potatura che diventa un incontro tra uomo e natura, e che tu puoi rivivere ogni volta che vuoi.
A tree pruning that becomes a meeting between human and nature, that you can relive whenever you want.

30 years of treeclimbing

The tree-climbing is a technique that permit to the arboriculturist to inspect and prune the tree in the most suitable architectural development of the same.

Expert advice P.A and private citizen

SuPerAlberi is a “mobile hospital” that reaches his patients “ in loco”, with an equipé of professionist and all the necessary instrumentation, equipment and ability to make careful diagnosis and focused operations .

Treatments and consolidations

Most of time is necessary to operate at many levels and more than once to get tree in the best conditions to get back health. So, it will live for other long years without be a danger for people.

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