SuPerAlberi was created to:

SuPerAlberi is the first society in the whole world that works on trees in a Ecosustainable, Ecological and Eco fair-trade way.

  • Ecosustainable: it respects environment, working with honest technologies and renewable energies
  • Ecological: its instructed and passionate members work on big trees, aware of their features, without create pollution or make noise.
  • Eco fair-trade: price are open, with the lowest profit. The relations between client and  worker are more -important than the  earnings

So, the approach is completely innovative :  ecocompatible and  environment respecting methodologies to get closer to the green world of plants are linked to the most elevated knowledge of pruning and operations in tree climbing.
Mankind completely puts himself at the service of  nature, trees are attended at zero impact and, what is more, no tree is cut down to save another one.

To sum up:
Our job is to save trees, our dream is to save world.

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